A closed hand can receive no blessing/

A closed heart can receive no light/

A closed mind can see no differing point of view/

Be it relatively wrong or relatively right/

Closed windows know little about the winds of change/

Closed eyes knows color in theory/ dependent on a memory that’s clear/

A closed ear to the truth knows little honesty/

Manifesting ideas on a foundation of fear/

Like the lie that pain tells us when it’s time to love again/

Or the lie that a lover cannot start out as a friend/

Or the lie that says love comes 2nd to tough skin/

Or the lie that tells you to trust no one, skeptical to let love in/

Open wide and relax as love shows you it’s glory/

Open wide as love rewrites your heart’s story/

Open wide and allow your spirit to expand its inventory/

Open wide and taste the freedom/ choose joy/ relax inside your oneness with infinity/