Bigotry/ malevolence/ racism/ & injustice/ are just a few of the things I don’t take Lyte as an emcee/

However/ for the life of me/ I cram to understand/ the refusal to hear evil/ the refusal to speak about it/ as well as the refusal to see/

The darkness everyone is capable of/ too many take the darkness lightly/ no batteries in the flashlight because the blackout wasn’t expected/

We are all connected/ so one would think that mankind would show more than just a flash of light/ when they want the blacks out/ realizing that we’re all affected/

Closing your eyes makes you feel protected?/

Well it makes us feel rejected & disrespected/

Attempts at justice get deflected/

Black lives matter/ deflect into/ all lives matter/

The news will spend about a minute on a random fact/ about black history/

Then deflect or better yet/ redirect/ your attention to a documentary/ on the generals of the Confederacy/

We take a knee in silent protest/

& this makes the privileged mad/

Deflecting/ conversations about police brutality/ redirecting/ the dialogue/ towards/ disrespect to the flag/

My country tees of thee🎵

🎶Land of hypocrisy/

America was built on colonial resistance of British reforms/

Taxation without representation/ as if you weren’t already informed/

As to how much blood was shed/ when y’all protested with war/

So please don’t give us shit when a knee touches the floor/

How can a citizen show the flag respect/

When that flag allows/ the ones who’ve sworn to serve & protect/ to murderer you while placing you under arrest/ without consequence?/

Freedom isn’t free/ & y’all know that better than me/

& we’ll keep resisting until you finally see ~