A funny thing happened when I saw you/ Time had frozen in its moment/ All I notice is how good this feels/ your essence vibrates the chakras of my spine until my soul is aware of itself/ Love is as real as the nose on your face/ inhale all of my love like the wind that carries the smell of a hot apple pie/ I stand in the field trying not to stare/ but your sweetness is in the air/ Funny/ only a second has past/ I try to look away/ but that won’t happen today/ I miss you and I have never met you/ I can feel the love you have in your heart from way over here/ It excites me/ both spiritual and primal sides/ 3 seconds pass and you won’t break your glare either/ me neither/ no breather/ I lied I’m breathing heavy/ Are we ready? Am I speeding? well that depends on the speed of love/ time moves faster as I have that thought/ You attack/ Here you stand inches from my face asking me “What am I staring at?”/ I kiss you on the nose/ You start to laugh/ The joy from that moment expanded from the both of us like ripples do in the water when you spin a rock across the lake/ Is this fate?/ The laws of attraction?/ or are they both somehow the same thing?/ Time flies when your having fun for real/ I kiss you on the nose when I picked you up from your high school prom/ I kissed you on the nose and embarrassed you in front of your mom/ I kissed you on the nose that time we went to a jazz concert outside in the rain/ I kissed you on the nose when we got married again/ I kissed you on the nose every time you said “You were getting old”/ I kissed you on the nose the last days your eyes closed/

A Funny thing happened when I saw you/ Time had frozen and I saw a life with you that I had not lived yet/ Or had I?/ Oh how I love a good mystery/ but I don’t intend to rewrite that possible history/ for low and behold she’s standing just 3 inches from me/

“What are you looking at?”