mysterious-girlNow We’re together and our situation is evolving/

Into a love affair that’s happy without any problems/

And that’s the problem/ cause I’m used to watching love dissolving/

From the issues of the petty steadily revolving/

Instead we’re like Bonnie and Clyde thuggin and robbing/

The universe for precious time so we’re never starving/

Or chasing each other/ funny cause you can catch us jogging/

The cardio has heart and other passion muscles throbbing/

Solving/ the riddle of all riddles, which asks if one woman can be a man’s everything/

Carving/ our initials at the jeweler on the inside of a platinum 3 karat diamond ring/

My hommies think I’m speeding and they’re probably right/

But they’re all single so I don’t heed their advice/

Lobster, shrimp, candle lights and champagne/

Penthouse suites/ complete my campaign/

Of seduction to the girl that’s mysterious/

I pop the question and she stares at me curious/

I’m usually patient watching the moves of my private dancer/

But this time I’m stressing waiting for the answer/

#Brodomatics all day baby…