Peace, if not for slumber.
Most would not find daily.
I have found peace in twilight expression.
I serenade your resting essence.
Your calm wraps around my spirit.
Like a warm blanket in the evenings chill.
Craving the flavor of one who inspires.
I watch your windows close due to slumbers seduction.
Finding the calm inside its tranquility.
Harmonizing with its serenity.
I stand behind the Bleu curtain.
Armed with a wine glass.
Patiently waiting with my window ajar.
Curious on how my lover’s flower.
Will reflect the new sun rays of creativity.
Pondering new flavors her nectar enhances.
Your inner-beauty revitalized & soul refreshed.
I give you a canvas with no margins or edges.
Coveting your internal explosions.
I pour them into my tall glass.
With an aroused sense of purpose.
I drink yet remain thirsty.
Finding peace in the stillness of its love stained crystal.
I eagerly wait to be drenched by my sleeping Queen.