6 - Purposely Program

Moving like the leaves

buzzing like the bees

moving like the leaves

buzzing like the bees

13 - Everywhere with You is Home

This song is special to me because it was the first song that I ever recorded. This song reminds me of how far I have come and how far I have left to go. Coming from a broken home, we can be our own worst enemies and abuse ourselves even when our abusers are no longer present. Anytime I feel down, alone in this world, lost without direction, this song reminds me that no matter where I am in life, we carry our homes with us and the answers. Shout out to Graffiti for showing me the ropes and adding his words to the track.

8 - I See You

"I See You" was written by Jacquelyn Smithson Howard inspired by the mentorship and friendship between these two artists.

9 - Pimps, Panders, Politicians, and Thieves

They say black lives matter/ We ain’t crows when we hear the sirens cars why do we scatter?/ Another black youth on the sidewalk/ An 8 year old kid holding a squirt gun real talk/ You integrate prisons but not banks/ White teens get a slap on the wrist we get tanks/ They want me to stand up and salute the flag no thanks

10 - Pluma y Papel

Una pieca de reflexión escrita en honor de album, Word Wizards with the Gift of Medicine, y la dedicación de camarada Mash. En traer la gente de diferentes caminos de vida para produce una producción de arte. Que dice unidad amor respeto revolución.

12 - Fam Freestyle pt. 3

Family away from family supporting one another in the arts and culture. The fam of rhythm and poetry came together on Easter for a dinner. The following recording is one of three recordings. The recordings are completely unedited freestyles recorded on a phone at the dinner table.

7 - Amen

"Amen (Homeless version)" was inspired during a New Moon ceremony by the river in Sacramento. The original Amen song, an old spiritual hymn and prayer. In the City of Sacramento, affordable housing and homelessness has become an increasing problem which the city has refused to take proper action. The homelessness population has become overlooked and invisible in our city which inspired this track.