A Moment of Clarity

In 2014 I set out to prove that I could write an album full of singles with substance. 15 songs later this album was born.


MOET reunites with a vengeance with music that cuts right to the chase. 8 bodies of work, 8 statements, 8 different styles and approaches.



Rhythm and Poetry feeds the mind, body, and soul with thought-provoking critical discussions of current political events and spirituality, belly popping fulfilling food for your soul from local Sac vendors, to artistic diversity that leaves you energized, reflective, and inspired. No two nights at this venue are ever the same. Each night is a unique experience dependent on the participants; audience members and artists alike. Rhythm and Poetry opened its doors on April 20th, 2017 and I was blessed to have crossed paths with this sanctuary on May 5th, 2017. It has been an honor to see and be part of the tremendous growth of the venue over its first year of opening and to be part of the lives of these artists who have become family. This album began with a vision I had of being able to collaborate with all of the artists; mentors, friends, and fellow community members, who inspire me greatly and through the process be able to learn with one another. This album is the product of the words, energy, knowledge, the medicine exchanged by these individuals throughout the collaboration process.