Byron Walter Mission StatementI believe in Peace, Positivity, and Progress.

I’m a soldier on the front-line fighting for it.

Also, the beam of light in the tunnel here to guide you from anything keeping you away from that consciousness.

So, with that being said, I have no adversaries.

Only awaited allies.

Patiently waiting to be awaken and open their minds to a spiritually healthier way of life.

And anyone opposed, I’ll just give time.

Time to escape out of their mind, where they allowed their thoughts to keep them imprisoned.

Because the difference, between a hero and villain, is the way they chose to deal with adversity.

Because at one point and time, they were both a victim.

But remember, once you truly become oblivious to nonsense.

There will be some lost souls, trying to provoke character flaws that their mirror image reveals in them.

Don’t fall to those cowardly gestures.

So, just relax and breathe before you begin.

For every triumph, is a battle that’s won from within.

Byron Walter.