Business before pleasure, unless pleasures your business.
A meeting with a Diamond I must see to believe.
Patiently I wait behind my desk to witness.
She enters my office; I inspect the 4 c’s

Her frame’s Cut is curvy
Her eyes sparkle with Clarity,
Her mind’s Carat is heavy
Her Color’s mahogany.

Our meeting face to face forces all of our moves into freestyle form. Threads weave with connections that blanket cold hearts. That same layer has made her body too searing for clothes. She strips naked. She’s flawless in form. I expected no less as irony finds me as new love is born. Her skin is the same cherry brown as my desk. She placed her bare ass on it so I dared to compare. I looked at her spread sheet and filled it with new ideas. Over and over the ideas kept coming. She relaxes completely as I drench her with a lyrical brainstorm.

The days that follow, now seem hollow.
At my desk lays the mess of my ecstasy drama.
My heart is so big I find it hard to swallow.
Every time I day dream on Mahogany Mamma.

Graffiti Bleu

Less is more here. Many greatly misunderstand erotica. Yes, some is “in your face” and “gratuitous” by definition. I however find the subtle sexy. I LOVE playing with metaphors and speaking without speaking. Making people think, blush and provoke dialog are some of the reasons I feel that I was put on the planet. So as you can see, I am officially back from vacation. (Biketoberfest was insane) I am rested, I am inspired and I am ready for business.