I walk in spirit with God’s wind at my back…

I think out loud and I share those thoughts with critical thinkers.

We view ourselves as separate, when in reality we are all one; created by the same God all possessing the same light, here simply to experience, create and delight in the abundance of infinity. Thus, blinded by the light of the truth, we become fearful of each other, selfish towards one another, don’t have empathy for one another and so on. As a result, history only tells His Story. A tale of the past told from the perspective of the conqueror. Where his glory is embellished and the rest is omitted. With this model every image is a lie told over and over until it is accepted as truth. A truth that makes the descendants of the conquerors arrogant and entitled and the descendants of the conquered hate themselves. Poets Dyvacat and Poetic Butterfly are in the home office chopping it up about the importance for all races to be familiar with “Black Love.”

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Black Love (An Honest Discussion ALL Races Need to Hear)