I walk in spirit with God’s wind at my back…

I think out loud and I share those thoughts with critical thinkers.

So here we are.. a room full of creators who take a great amount of time thinking about where to go, but I wonder how many of us have given thought to how exactly did we get here. Often.. on this podcast and in life I ask folks what they wanted to be when they were 5 years old. What I get as an answer is “Astronaut” Fireman” & “Ballerina” What I never get in Novelist, Author or Poet. Rarely do I get any artistic answer come to think of it, unless of course “Superstar” is attached to the title. These dynamics considered, it is the very thing that inspires me to invite artists to this digital-round table of sorts. For the casual follower of podcasts, who have an interest in picking the brains of other writers, fear not. There will be plenty of dialogue about the nuances of writing, inspiration, character arcs, hero, villains, plot development and a host of other things. However.. those elements are a metaphoric “destination” for me. The artists we have for this digital-round table represent a metaphoric “journey” for me. What I am interested in is the origin. The birth place for writers. Again.. I have already established that we start out with dreams of becoming Astronauts, Fireman and Ballerina. So what exactly inspires a writer to write? We will attempt to answer that and much more on this episode of “Just My Thoughts.”

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