Armed and dangerous/

Ain’t too many that can war like us/

Used to be in love or call it lust/

Until the trust between us/

Was broken leading us to fuss/

See each other with disgust/

Under breath there lives a cuss/

You left and it was a plus/

I left you said: “What’s the rush?”

Your intentions were to crush/

My heart with a Royal Flush/

The King, and the Queen of What/

10 so you’ll have lots of luck/ chasing other nuts to suck/

And while you’re out there monkey branching I’ll be doing creative stuff/

Right now its just me and Jill/

Great Scott/ I feel/

Like a gun of cold steel/

So real/

Pointed straight at your grill/

Firing at my will/

Phoenix be like Bleu chill/

All facts/

We both took the red pill/

Shuffle words like playing cards/

Cut the deck/ It’s my deal/

Metaphoric blood spill/

Ignorance that I kill/

Ends up in the landfill/

Watch out for them Love traps/

With no draws or bra straps/

Romance told with Real rap/

Just because my way/ is different from your way/

Doesn’t make your way/

Right/ right/ right/

Just because you chose the dark way/

Doesn’t mean I can’t do the opposite and/

Walk in light/

Just because today/ I move like MLK/

Tomorrow I could turn Malcolm/

Fight/ Fight/ Fight/

We could be great friends/ or the worst of enemies/

One is a summer breeze/ and the other/

is dark as night/

Fear killed a romance that wasn’t meant to be/

Pride killed a friendship between you and me/

Making me ask God “Was I worthy?” and if so, is this really how love is supposed to be/

I walk inside my own skin quite comfortably/

But I still look at romance awkwardly/

Wondering if a person is real or is this just the person that they pretend to be/

Black Butterfly I set you free/

You were never in a cage though and that’s the fucking irony/

Once it was ride or die with me/

Now it’s ride far away and try to find some place to hide from me/

Fine then I say “peace, see you later”

And thank you for paving the way to something greater/

I’m in the vortex and your a spectator/

Instead of bowing down to you/ I choose the creator/