too-pretty-to-smileI’m not speaking in terms of perfect skin afraid of the inevitable scars of life/

Nor am I speaking like a man who carries guns after his previous loss in a fist fight/

This isn’t the fast talk of a pimp with Jedi mind tricks that depends on clean suits and verbal abuse/

This is testimony in the form of good game that looks at the selfish like “what is the use?” /

In this verse “pretty” describes the beautiful sweet soul, sprinkled with the sugar of naivety/

That soul who finds out daily how relentless evil is through the unreasonable shit it has to say/

An argument between the selfish and the selfless will make about as much sense as a wet food stamp in a recession/

The reason why is the weapon it forged through the ego stained glasses of selfish perception/

So riddle me this Batman; how do porcupines mate? /

Carefully… how I suggest you do when your soul is at stake/

Evil never takes a day off and neither does selfish behavior/

It’s hard coexisting with someone who is relentlessly determined to tip the scales in their favor/

It breaks the bonds of trust, and frankly it fills me with disgusts/

When a union is “you doing you” and “me doing me” when it’s supposed to be “us” /

You don’t have to go to a party of the negative just because you received an invite /

R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply.”

(I’m Too Pretty to Fight)


this is s performance piece…
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