I know why you say “That conversation would never happen”

I know why a woman who has no desire to make peace with me wants to have casual “dialogue” at work.

I know why you were and still are hell bent on keeping our history a secret.

I know exactly why you had a sudden loss of empathy after I signed my lease.

I know why you and D____ are as thick as thieves.

I know that you loved what I could do or provide for you at one point. But that love was never for who I was or am.

I know that I was so love starved from my disaster of a marriage I chose not to see it.

I also know that you may have briefly considered but never seriously envisioned me as your man, husband or friend.

I know I was kept around just in case shit with you and E____ got ugly and to help you get rid of him.

I know I have no desire to have a casual dialogue with anyone who would lie to, deceive or manipulate me.

I know I have no desire to have casual dialogue with anyone who rejected my love and insulted my intelligence.

I know I am not required to respect anyone who has blatantly disrespected me.

Do not speak to me at work outside of the confines of patient care.

Do not look at me or invade my space.

Tell your ego I said goodbye.

And if you do approach me again and I sense your ego is at play I will walk away from you like you were never there.

You stole what I would have given you for free.

I am more than a utility.