How Noble is a Fuckboy.. Really?

By now I believe we’ve all at least heard the term “Fuckboy”/ For those who have not/ perhaps you’ll learn/

Right now I’m using it as a form of generalization/

Similar to the broad stroke of a paint brush/ a technique of a performance poet to gain a reaction through stimulation/

However this paint brush will do more than paint a blue line across a red sky/ looking at the visual interpretation of sound like Nia Long/

To understand the concept of a Noble Fuckboy I have to create the universe/ in poetic verse/ 1st/ so that you can follow along/

Since we are creating this universe/ as reader & writer/ We get to play God/ even though it is my understanding that she & we are one in the same/

So I figure it would be a good look/ to take a page out of the good book/ & reference the 1st 10 words it proclaims/

In the beginning God created the heavens & the earth/

A trinity of trinities/ time, space, matter & others like/ future, present & past/ solid, liquid & gas/ length, width & height/  I can go on all night/

However rest won’t come until the 7th day/ so okay/ let’s continue to play/

Let’s create the human soul/ oh what a beautiful sight to behold/ we just created a being made of pure love that knows all there is to know/

But yet/ being made from that which we call God/ none of us should find it strange or odd/ that this soul we created looks to expand & grow/

We created this soul with infinite passion & fire/ so that the soul’s only desire/ is to turn its grandest concept about itself into its greatest experience/

It’s day number 6 & things are getting serious/

But before we take the day off to chill/

Let’s endow the soul with its own free will/

You see at this point fuckboys haven’t been created yet/ So we are very relaxed on this 7th day of rest/ all is right with the world & all we created is blessed/

On the 8th day a soul comes fourth & starts to express/ an unpopular view unlike all of the rest/

The souls says “Lord” & we say “Yes”/ The soul replies “I have something to confess”

I have enjoyed dwelling side by side with you free of linear space & time/

Watching you create all there is but would you be so inclined/

To let me experience life on Earth in a different way that helps mankind/

In a way that keeps my nobility anonymous/ we ask “What do you have in mind?”

The soul then says “Well it seems to me that people appreciate things more after losing them”

And the concept of treating people how they wish to be treated keeps confusing them/

And since humans only understand value after they’ve lost it/

I want to choose a human body that will leave them all exhausted/

Give me a body with a strong ego & an entitled sense of self/

Strip me of any empathy so that I can teach mankind that his wealth/

Comes from their highest thoughts of the peaceful place they have created on their own/

On the way to see God’s glory I choose to be their stepping stone/

As God we knew the intentions of this soul were  expressed sincerely.

Which begs me to ask the question:

How Noble is a Fuckboy.. Really?


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