How is it Possible for Love to be a Loss?

A grown man cried/ another saw him and lied/ by stating that “Nice guys finish last” as if he had proper context/

I speak in spirit when I say this/ in its proper context that guy’s statement is nonsense/

Sheeeeeet… back in the days “nice” was slang for “Progress”

“Oh he’s nice with his pen game” meant you didn’t want a contest/

For those on the blog I must confess/ The ego is present in the stage version of this/ 

presentation… but not in the word and its foundation/

So let’s have a conversation/

I took the ego out of the driver’s seat and told him to man another station/

Co-Pilot is a better look for em/ “congratulations”

I just hit you with the key/ that unlocks the mystery/ or better yet/ I’m giving you the winning combination/

Glory be/ to G.O.D. I can only speak for me/ nonetheless I have to share this revelation/

Iv’e never walked in light or moved like love moves and took a loss/ 

Not as a dishwasher by day or at night as a boss/

Not in the streets/ not on stage/ not even in hot romances that ended up frost/

Walking in light always produced a winning reality in my heart, in my soul and between my ears /  

So then I started thinking of those popular myths/ the one’s you’ve never heard but somehow they exist/

Just to give you some ideas/

Like the notion that pain is persistent/ and joy is intermittent/

Or that fear couldn’t make the selfish blind to the value of oneness/

Or that great sex should be forbidden/

You kidding? /

I drive with divinity in the head lights traveling at the speed of self awareness/

Some may call me “a nice guy” for that/

For seeing the beauty in all things/

Back to these misinterpretations of niceness/ I’ve got to instigate the question that challenges that bullshit/

How is it Possible for Love to be a Loss?

Ya see cats are so confused with this turn the other cheek shit/

They think it means/ stand there and make the same mistake twice/ 

Scared of the next slap/ they listen to Fear’s advice/

Try listening to your gut next time when it tells you that their energy… ain’t quite right/

Try teaching your lips to say “No” as often as your brain does/

Especially if they are not worthy enough to be in your space/

If they’re not standing next to you in the first place/ how could they ever be close enough to smack your face?

Ah… you understand now/ funny thing is/ you already knew that/  I’m just helping you remember/

Love will not compromise itself/ Love is circular like all things/ We cannot harm love/ we cannot destroy love/ 

We can however choose not to experience love/ The oneness of love/ the beauty of love/ the warmth of love/ the tranquility inside the folds of love’s linen/

That wouldn’t be very “nice” now would it?