ugly-beautifulHow can I make your ugly beautiful? /

First I have to go to that ugly place/

put it in verse and give it perspective/

Raw dog no contraceptive/ only to give birth to a beautiful truth/

My beautiful truth to be exact/ since we are all aware of the fact/ that your truth and my truth are probably not be the same/

One ugly is promoters and poets/ so eager to blow up in the game/

That they lose sight of their artistic vision/ blinded by the flashing lights of fame/

Trying to be P Diddy/

But you wouldn’t do an internship/ or take a train ride into the city/

You see there’s even an art to being a gangster for the paper/

Unwilling to put the work in/ counterfeit becomes the caper/

Without having any integrity for the creating process/

Investing in nonsense/ short money/ talking fast and sounding funny/

These big dummies/

Some create awards for themselves that don’t exist/

Some claim to be on the best seller lists/

Trying to get love from the fans

Ugly like a missed dunk from a player trying to be flashy/

who could’ve won the game with an assist/

What part of the game is this? /

You’ve done lost your mind thinking art is disposable/

This is a lyrical lobotomy to see if you have any brains left to view/


It’s ugly in there too/ all I see are thoughts filled with a slave’s mentality/

Every time I tell you “we’re free” you turn around and get mad at me/

Metaphorically and systematically trying to make slaves out of the rest of us/

Filing the game with mistrust and disgust/

Lust/ led you here to this ugly place/

You aren’t lusting for hot bars tho/

You’re lusting for sold out shows without buying in to the concept of practice, practice practice/

And it’s really okay if you happen to lack this/ caliber of skill to spring forward so your time falls back quick/

What good is fame and being in it/ if it’s only for 15 minutes? /

Minute 16… shows no traces of your career/ and I find it hard not to stare/ because the ugly doesn’t stop there/

Ugly is everywhere/

It’s at the open-mics sitting in the captain’s chair/

Making the dope spitters wait/ while mediocre verses fill the air/

I can go on and on/ hurting your feelings like I don’t have a care/

But I have a job to do/ and remember/ this piece of art must turn your ugly into something beautiful/

Besides there are many things uglier than you not paying artist or offering vendor tables at venues/

There’s that ugly that hides inside the bold bluffs of the fearful/

Steady fronting like they’re prepared to be reckless/ but really being overly careful/

Knowledge of self was left behind on this trip/ so they can’t see themselves in the rear-view/

I understand they do not know any better/

And that’s why I over-stand you/

The fear of love/

The fear of pain/

The fear of not being a success/

Can make you see what isn’t there/

And make you fold under the stress/

But you promoters that rip off artist are the kind that live fearful but maintain composure/

That’s why I took it to the street and parked the metaphors parallel so that this poet could expose ya/

Breaking you down like the pies you should’ve sliced for my fam who’s art is their profession/

Now that the team ate/ every crumb on the pie plate/ let’s get right back to the question/

How can I make your ugly beautiful? /

Testimony is a start/

I observe your wicked ways/

Then turn them into my art/


this is a performance piece…

Sacramento… Come to the show!