• Rhythm & Poetry / Open - Mic / Red Table Talk Night / May 16th
    May 16, 2019
    7:45 pm - 10:30 pm

Every Thursday Poetic Butterfly & Graffiti Bleu host “Rhythm & Poetry” Sacramento’s premier “Safe Space” for artist. Poets, Emcees, Actors, Activist, Singers, Musicians, Authors & Comedians are all welcome. The term “Safe Space” is in the context of providing a comfortable environment in which artists of all ages, cultures, beliefs & preferences may express themselves freely. All we ask is that you enter our doors with your hearts & minds open. Open Discussion &/or Red Table talk will start between 7:45pm & 8:15pm (depending on who’s hosting) we break for conversation, food & drink between 8:15pm & 8:30pm then the mic opens to the public..  Come join us at:

The Brazilian Center for Cultural Exchange 2420 N Street Suite 180 Sacramento 95816.

We enter, sit, drink & have open discussions on a range of topics from 7:45pm – 8:15pm / The actual Showtime is from 8:15pm – 10:30pm. Rain or shine we start on-time…




                                              Red Table Talk Night!!!

We love to switch things up at Rhythm & Poetry. We also love to keep the energy in a “Good Space” 

Poet Lamia “Princess of Sac” 
Performing Poetry Artist & Author located in Sacramento Ca. 
First published in 2016 and again in 2019.
This lovely lady speaks volumes with grace as an artist, writer and heart reader. She intrigues, inspires and mesmerizes with her captivating aura using poetry to paint pictures and express an internal love flame. Creating chemistry while stimulating the minds and sp

Poet Lamia “Princess of Sac” 
Performing Poetry Artist & Author located in Sacramento Ca. 

irit of readers and poetry lovers across the world with her breath taking voice, sensuality, metaphoric language and creative perspectives.

Let her words take you to a magical place where only your mind your body and your soul can go. You’ll not only see it, feel it and read it you are going to love poetry by Lamia.
Upcoming Events: 
-Book Signing 6/8 – 7/6 location TBA 
-New Release July 3rd 2019 Who Can I Tell?  (children’s book) 
-New Release September 2nd Pain Into Peace & Profit
FB: Lamia Hall
IG: Poet Lamia


Venue Phone: (916) 387-7344

Venue Website:

2420 N STREET SUITE 180, Sacramento, California, 95816, United States