Life is delicious is it not? Delicious like the kiss of a new lover after eating strawberries that swim in champagne/

Delicious like waffles/ syrup & coffee/ delicious like the thoughts of you that make me at ease/

Delicious like liquid legacy in penmanship/ in cursive/ in manuscript/ in calligraphy/ in graffiti/ although in reality/ at this moment I type/ when I write/

Delicious like choosing light/ delicious like the moment you knew god was real/ delicious like euphoria during a prayer/

Delicious as the one who truly cares/ Delicious as the one who dares to love you back/ regardless of all that/ which made you feel like you’ve lost your way/

Delicious as a body spasm/ sandwiched between two orgasms/ Delicious as raindrops mixed with honey/ falling from rainbows dripping with sunshine/ watching the sweet mist dance on your neckline/

Delicious as blue colors/ soulful music/ & good energy all in the same place/ delicious as a poem that gives you a tear from joy/ delicious as you when you are in the zone/ doing exactly what you were born to do/ doing exactly what you love to do/

Delicious as a good night sleep/ followed by California sunshine/ with a touch of “Oh yeah.. I’m off work today”

Delicious as cookies & cream/ after passing the blunt to her/ delicious as her nakedness admired by your eyes and the moon’s light/ Delicious as the thoughts of round three/ as she lets you know how cold the ice cream is/

Life is delicious is it not?/

Delicious as true love/ delicious as complete trust/ delicious as us/