Collective Member “Poet”
Come Back to Me

I am blessed for sure…

Just for the time you gave,

but to have loved you, only to lose you,

leaves me in the stages of a slave.

I’m forced to do things now that I don’t want to do.

I’m forced to live out the remains of my life,

mind trippin’ cause there’s no you.

When I had you to myself, I didn’t want to keep you.

If I did I would have never pulled my respect from underneath you.

I’ve done more harm than I could’ve possibly done good.

Now I’m stuck with just a buck saying

“If I could, then I would”

I wish I had the chance to do the forgive me dance for you.

They say when a woman’s feelings are gone that there’s nothing you can do.

Well if that’s true please listen to me, for what I am about to say,

will describe the vibe of my feelings inside,

I’ll beg if that will make you stay.

Please don’t go for I want you to know, I was a fool, you are a jewel to me.

To love you and hold you, never to control you, is the way things will always be.

I’ll provide for your outer as well as your inner, the things you will always need.

I’ll carve our names in the trees, even rake our nieghbor’s leaves…

If you’ll say yes and come back to me…

footnote: You never know what someone has been through, less you walk a mile inside their shoes. In my younger days, I thought men and women alike were foolish for begging for forgiveness from a lost love. Until of course, I myself took love for granted. The love I took for granted came in the form of the Lord’s divine grace. I was contemplating suicide on New Years day of 1996. I said a long prayer in my darkest hour and here I am today blessed and surrounded by creative thinkers much like myself. However, I had to crawl through the sewer to get here. For during this journey from 96 till now I forgot about my faith. Despite him saving my life and giving me hope, I became consumed with material wealth and the seductions of California. I found myself back in the eye of the storm, godless and without focus. Now I was the one begging for forgiveness and promising that it would never happen again. “Poet” is a talented artist and a dear friend. What you have read is not only a poem, but the lyrics to a song in which he plays all of the instruments. When I heard this song it reminded me of how easy it is to take things for granted. It also reminded me how blessed I am that second chances exist.

If you haven’t seen “The Collective” perform together yet, take advantage of the opportunity the first go round…