I lay deep in his chest protected by bone, 
muscle and courage.
I am big enough to pump life blood to his imposing frame,
I am strong enough to give optimism to those discouraged.
I am brave enough to extend a humble invitation to a stranger with no name.
I am warm enough to melt a frown until it is upside down
I am free enough to provide all who I touch with fun memories
Yet I am cold enough to keep my distance, and be still without a sound,
I am generous enough to display love for my entire family
I am the beating heart of Dolphus Johnson Jr.
Even though it is obvious now that I am not physically perfect,
And I desired certain things in life you may consider selfish.
Know that I filled him with a passion to live life against the grain,
A passion to make our own rules and to not live life mundane
I know as well as anyone no two hearts beat alike
Know that others hearts live fearfully, without the will to fight.
Remember me as loving my people, loving my friends and loving fun,
Loving my mother, loving my brothers, loving my father and loving my son

I am the resting heart of Dolphus Johnson Jr.