An open letter to the N.A.W.A.L.T.

Not All Women Are Like That/

This is a an absolute fact/

Few acknowledge you/

Or the selfless things you do/

Even less acknowledge your very existence/

I want to do so and more/ so I will testify on your behalf/

I am grateful every time you make me better by challenging my wisdom/

I appreciate the calm way in which you handle me/ when I challenge yours/

I love the respect you have for my core/ the energy you engage it with/ and the fearless way you include me in your thoughts/

There are women who are suspicious of everything because they simply can not be trusted themselves/

You are not her.

There a women out there that will only date what they can control due to insecurities/

You are not her.

There are women who view men like a lumber jack views a pick up truck/

You are certainly not her either.

I salute all who see a man for who he is to the core and judges him on his own merits. One’s who believe a man’s value is inside his honor and integrity more so that in his assets and resources.

I salute all that believe in transparency and leave secrets to recipes and deodorant sticks/

Thank you for the selfless way you allow me to penetrate your body/ Encouraging me to be the gentlest savage I can possibly be.

I applaud your maturity and serenade your growth in spirit.

I love you the way dragons love fire/ I will put you in verse as long as blood pumps through the veins of my fingers.