An Open Letter to the Bride & Groom to be/


you are in love/


I know the love exchange of yang & yin well/

It makes you weightless as it tip-toes through the both of your hearts/

Dancing like Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers/

Dancing like the angels do in space/


You are in love/


and there was a time that I had envy for the way you both feel for each other/

To make up for my young boy antics and narrow gaze/ of back in the days/

when romance was like revenge to me/

rage would have its way with me/


you are in love/


So I figured I’d write a poetic apology in the form of a lyrical dance/

to those of you who actually gave love a chance/

Champions you are when it comes to connection of the soul/

and if it’s all the same/ I’d like to give you some game/


& why not, you are in love? /


It is written all over the both your faces/

Just know that love needs an open heart to be effective/

Could be why I would fall in love so easily/

With the pen and paper/ blinded by my passion for words that sound like music to me/


You are in love/


So I write An Open Letter to the Bride & Groom to be/

And remind you that fear is the opposite of everything you are/

I will certainly assume you have figured this out by now/

you both have a foundation that is built on trust/


Because you are in love/

There is no doubt in my mind that this is what you are/

For I know that love will take no losses/

I come to you sincerely in verse/

Full transparency designed by my perception/


You are in love/


I thank you for providing my reality with reality/

That love can vibrate right through flesh and bone/

That love can vibrate right through Earth and stone/

That love can vibrate the very fabric of the universe itself/


When you are in love/