All Lives Matter (kind of)

All Lives Matter… of course they do/ but as most things the devil is in the details/
the mere fact that all lives matter has to be stated is an epic fail/
All agree/
quite vehemently/
that love will prevail/

But do we know how love works/
saying things like “love hurts?” like we are warning you not to touch the 3rd rail?”

All Lives Matter is a reminder of how much the truth hurts/
but it is also a reminder that that’s NOT how love works/
especially when my people’s blood spills on the dirt/
and “All Lives Matter” isn’t sung in concert/
unless of course when there’s a shock/
when the life of a white cop/
finally inspires the public to verbalize that the killing should stop/

All Lives Matter/
is just chit chatter/
to poor people of color stuck in a holes with no ladder/
tear drops go pitter patter/
while guns go click clatter/
population control makes rich pockets fatter/

All Lives Matter? Shouldn’t ever be followed by a question mark/
or thrown in fear trying to hurt you on the sly like poison on the tip of a dart/
Where’s your heart? /
When the children of the ghetto/
fall victim to the metal? /
If you know heaven isn’t segregated by color why settle?