The question hit me like a sucker punch in the stomach. That moment when you realize your gaze was narrow, and you under estimated the gravity of your situation. There I sat in front of my laptop, submitting my completed, polished and mulled over masterpiece. When I asked myself;

Who actually helped me get it done?

I was writing the “special thanks” page and I saw no names that belonged to my inner-most circle. Wow! What does this mean?

Not a damn thing.

Friendship does not require someone to share your vision. But it does make life easier However, there is always a however When you are focused on a particular goal, the people around you can be broken down into three separate categories. Allies, enemies and obstacles.

Allies obviously support your efforts. They give you the confidence you need to finish and win. They give you constructive criticism. The truth may hurt but we need to hear it. Most importantly they show love and that love may come from some unlikely sources. And who doesn’t need love?

Enemies…, well we all know how they get down. They simply do the exact opposite of what the allies would do. Not to mention how skilled they are at conjuring up distractions that make you lose focus.

Finally we have the obstacle. Here is where it gets tricky because the person who is the obstacle won’t reveal them self until your goal is well within your grasp. They don’t discourage you, but they won’t encourage you either. They seem innocent. They seem to have your best interest at heart but they don’t. If it is well within that persons power to help you by support, advice or just a kind word but they don’t. And you can’t think of any plausible reason why they wouldn’t, then they’re an obstacle. They are a nuisance, a gnat in the eardrum, a mere speed bump on the road to your success. In a way, they are more dangerous than your enemies since they often dawn the faces of your friends.
Personally, I draw inspiration from them.

Remember people, no one wants to be left behind. So just because its all love between you and your peeps when you all live together in the ghetto, doesn’t mean they won’t turn on you when you’re ready to move to the suburbs. It’s just a form of hate that I want you to recognize. If we’re not allies, and you’re not my enemy, then you’re in my way.