Damian Preston Wright

    Dear Damian, I hope this finds you well. You’re on the other side now. I feel you moving in and out of the worlds we cannot see, having fun in your spirit form, finally free. I am well as you know. Taking things day by day. I tried hard to be by your side and I apologize for not reaching you in time to say goodbye. There’s a mess back here, as you well know. I can only imagine how you and Grandma are shaking your heads in respects to the petty. Kiss her for me and tell her that I celebrate her peace. I know she guides you. I finished the music project, just like you told me to. I laid it out all on the line too. Hot Beats, hot bars, clever hooks and my truth. The family came together and represented for you in great numbers as you well know. They were there, lifting Mom and Dad towards the healing process. I must admit tho… I am cynical in respects to unity, and I will explain why. 

     We lost our young Cousin Dolphus Johnson Jr. last year, then you, and then Grandma 24 hours after. During every wake, service or gathering that followed, my ears heard whispers of the same phrase and sentiment repeated by almost everyone. 

“We shouldn’t wait for someone to die to get together” 
“Don’t wait until I’m gone to give me flowers”
“We need to come together and celebrate life as well” 
etc… etc…

So in my eyes… on the heels of this talk, I release an album in your memory. This is the album you told me to make. This is the album I would have not made unless you said, what you said. This is a body of work that celebrates life. So I am having a difficult time with the family that knows this work is quality (as well as my reputation for putting out quality) in your name and not supporting it. It is not like the $5 or $10 dollar purchase is going to put me in a Bentley. Every member of our family could buy 10 copies and that wouldn’t happen. It’s not about me… It’s about principle

In my eyes, if you can speak on unity at a funeral, then you should support something positive in the name of that unity. Period end. 

Moving on…

Jasper… the punk bitch that shot you got denied bond yesterday. His charge got upgraded from “Malicious Wounding” to “Murder” although I’m not sure which degree. The attorney said his swagger was arrogant and cocky. I won’t be able to look at him and not flip, but you know that. I will celebrate his sentencing with a bottle of something smooth that doesn’t burn as it goes down… Mom and Dad are strong, however I must admit, I have never seen them so shaken. I go home now more than ever. And I am on a new mission. Not to “save” the family. But to connect with the members that walk with me in spirit. Your son makes me proud. We are closer than ever as I know you’ve seen. I see you and me behind his eyes. In the soul he carries are the dreams of the closeness I wanted between you and I. That dream was not in vain, because it has manifested in him.

Have fun up there Bra… I will see you again when it’s my turn to rest.