21 Questions to ask Your Future Spouse.
21 – Do you feel with sincerity deep inside your heart of hearts that you and I can make each other better people?
20 – If yes how so? If no please go…
19 – In your eyes what are the roles of man and woman inside the confines of a marriage? To be fair I will give you my answer 1st. mine is aligned by faith where the woman is the wisdom and the man enforces and protects that wisdom. So again I ask number 19: In your eyes what are the roles of man and woman inside the confines of a marriage?
18 – What kind of relationship do you have with your father and mother?
17 – If that relationship is strained to where you find yourself unable to forgive them, how do I know you will be able to forgive me?
16 – What is your 5 year plan, your 10 year plan and your 20?
15 – If you don’t have any and I’ve got plenty are we NOT headed towards a war of the spirit?
14 – Are you comfortable with your sexuality?
13 – Would my comfort level with my own intimidate you?
12 – Have you ever found happiness on your own without having a mate?
11 – Have you ever blamed someone for wasting years of your life?
10 – Whether you are religious or atheist, can you make an argument for why love exists and its purpose in the universe?
9 – If all your friends in your circle look one way, IE cute, fat, unattractive, can you tell me why that is?
8 – If this is the case, why is your circle not reflective of the diversity of the world?
7 – And if in fact you can exclude people with such fervor, what assurances do I have that you won’t exclude me down the line?
6 – Is there a part of your spirit you feel is broken?
5 – If yes or no, is there something about me you feel can help heal it?
4 – Will the way you raise your children remotely resemble how your parents raised you?
3 – My love for creativity will never come before my life mate. Yet that fact will not make me love inspiration any less. With this rule of thumb in mind, can you see the potential for jealousy here?
2 – I would describe a beautiful death as me as an old man; surrounded by my children’s children. Passing away during my sleep with no pain or regrets. Can you describe a beautiful death?
1 – Now can you paint a picture of our beautiful life?