For every box they try to place me in, I have a new creation that cuts that box like a razor.




New Album/New Focus...

     I've been curious about the Spoken Word and Underground Hip-Hop scene in California for quite some time. Many I follow & who follow me are out in California; spread out through the vastness of the very big and dynamic state. I've recorded 3 albums in Cali, but I was in the mountains of the Sierra doing so. Not really in a position where I could hit the Bay Area or the City of Angels as frequently as I wanted to... However, due to an answered prayer... I will be spending a considerable chunk of time in Sacramento... This gives me the access I need to the Bay Area, and quick flights to L.A. & Vegas...

(I am very happy about this) 

So then... This News Letter Page will document all of the shows I will do and the Open Mics that I intend on crashing...

The New Album is "A Moment of Clarity"

This is a beast that I am extremely proud of...

It will be dropping on 4-27-2014

However... if you find the end of April too long to wait for some new music...

Which is available here at or...

Now then... I may come to your town poetically...

Or I may come to your town on some Hip Hop Sh*

Either way Cali... coming soon to a mic near you...



Can't catch a performance huh..?

Your favorite poet (Maybe) will be performing with other strong poets on Blog Talk Radio with Micheal McFadden.

9:15pm East Coast Time.



Back in the house once again!

The last time the Brodomatics performed at "Wild Wednesdays" in Mammoth California it was packed wall to wall and the crowd was nuts... Wednesday Jan 15... Here we go again.




There's no place like home...

The team has been killing it the "Coziest Spot in Atlanta" for 3 years straight. For my East Coast fam... If you don't know how it goes down at Kat's Cafe by now... I really don't know what to tell ya...




thanks to DJ EL Boogie, Challece & everyone else for a great night.


Vegas Baby!!! Graffiti Bleu & The Brodomatics will be at The Cheyenne Saloon Friday December 20, 2013 9:00


Brodomatics Album Drops Today!!!

For Download


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