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Events: 5/21/15 (Thursday) Graffiti Bleu will be at Cafe Lunas Open-Mic Series.
Sacramento. CA





Finally! Graffiti Bleu Publishing adds its 1st non-fiction body of work to the catalog. This is a photography book, but not your typical one. Behind the Lens with Femi Watson tells the story of a photographer coming of age as an artist. What seperates this book from others in the genre is the poetic story inbetween stunning photos. As usual we took our time to create this. A year of interviews.

(Hard to write someone's life story without knowing what that life is)

Another year of writing, photography and design. Then finally a year of editing...

RJ Communications is taking care of the print. (As usual) 


Hard copies will be available Saturday May 30th 2015

To Pre-Order

New Spoken Word Performance and an Homage to the Legends of Hip-Hop culture...


Italy or Bust...

You would help fulfill a life long dream of a poet who has been forever on the search to refine his creative voice. Your donations will fund the one week trip to Salerno Italy between June 3rd & June 8th of 2015. I will be traveling with Collective members David Demola & Ike Torres from Sacramento California. The goal to reach is $4,000 If you like any of the countless expressions of art I have given away for free, please donate to this cause. Please click the "Online Store" button below to donate...