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Let's start 2015 off on a good foot...

Italy or Bust...



Celebration of Life Music Video!


New Collaboration With Sacrameto's Finest.


What's New: 11 - 18 - 2014

     Another year is rapidly coming to a close. Pretty soon everyone's mind will be on Christmas cheer and the resolutions of the new year. I am pleased at the direction of my creativity and how far gbleu.com has come. No, I'm not a guest on Ellen and no I didn't get a check that inspired me to quit my day job. However... I am the most inspired I have ever been and that has manifested itself here at this website.

2014 is the year I went over 200 blog entries so if you haven't subscribed I suggest that you do.

2014 is the year the stakes were raised for our You-Tube Channel (GTV) with videos like the one above. Again I remind you to subscribe to the channel and please share the videos you like.

2 Albums dropped in 2014 for us.

"For The Love"


"A Moment of Clarity"

I am proud of both releases and ask you to support both on iTunes.

(Also be on the look out for the music video for "Celebration of Life" coming soon)



Basically... the game is fun again. I broke ties with RaggTyme Entertainment and became my own entity. I got back to listening to inspiration and I stopped listening to my ego. As a matter of fact; quite a few got left behind in 2014. Metaphorically making a "Rapture" of sorts happen in my creative life. I cut off ties with everyone who was not in best interest and circled the wagons with the ones who are. My Mother refers to the in my inner circle as "The Faithful Few" (sounds like a chapter to a book doesn't it?) Speaking of books...

Hustler'z Code is finally off of the ground... (The final installment to the Poet's Pursuit of Pleasure SeriesAs well as

"Endless Flight of the Black Butterfly"

(a series of shorts tied to the Hustler'z Code)

So thanks to all of you who have supported and collaborated with us. Be you a new friend or muse from way back when. We'll see you next time in-between the margins.






Of course, gbleu.com would have the new album "A Moment of Clarity 1st... Yes a delux version will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and Spotify in October. The delux version will have the short film that was shot at my feature at Cafe Luna's. However... there are some that have wanted to get their hands on this album before then. This is for them. Just Click the album cover for a purchase of the download.



This is the platform I've been waiting for... #RealTalk



My 1st Feature in Cali... #Special